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Item #: CLAS
Description: Career Classified Ads
Your Price: $300.00

Career Center Advertising

Need to fill a position in your agency or educational program? NAADAC's Career Center is the place to go.

Your career ads will reach NAADAC members and a professional mailing list of 48,000 professionals. That is almost half of the 100,000 addiction counselors, educators and other addiction-focused health care professionals that the Department of Labor estimates work in the United States.

NAADAC members are addiction counselors, educators and other addiction-focused health care professionals, who specialize in addiction prevention, treatment, recovery support and education. An important part of the healthcare continuum, NAADAC members and its 47 state and international affiliates work to create healthier individuals, families and communities through prevention, intervention, quality treatment and recovery support.

Cost & Payment

  • Each ad runs until its closing date or for three (3) months for $300.
  • Submit your ad copy below.
  • Submit payment through the link below or send check payment to NAADAC 44 Canal Center Plaza, Suite 301, Alexandria, VA 22314. To have an invoice generated for check payment please contact Dara Ratanavong at DRatanavong@naadac.org. Each ad must be paid, by web-payment or check before the ad will show up in the classified section. Sorry, we do not accept Purchase Orders.

Instructions to Submit a Job Posting

  1. Submit payment to NAADAC here or send check payment to NAADAC, 44 Canal Center Plaza, Ste 301, Alexandria, VA 22314.
  2. Fill out the "Submit Job Posting" form on the Career Classifieds webpage.
  3. Upon successful completion of items 1 and 2, your ad will be posted. Please allow 24-28 hours for the ad to populate the job postings after payment is made. 

Questions? Please contact Dara Ratanavong at DRatanavong@naadac.org.

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